VKR Holding A/S

– we invest in daylight, fresh air and better environment

VKR Holding A/S is a holding and investment company.

We create value through investments and ownership of companies that develop, produce and market products useful to society. Our products bring daylight, fresh air and better environment into people’s everyday lives. Read about the business areas.

VKR Holding has 50 employees working primarily with finance and legal matters.

VKR Holding is the parent company of the VKR Group which altogether employs 19,800 people in 38 countries.

The holding company is owned by family and foundation, and the foundation VILLUM FONDEN is the major shareholder. Read more about the foundations.

VKR Holding is the driving force behind the VILLUM Window Collection – probably the world’s only window museum displaying the history of the window and its importance to people’s access to light, air and a view to the outside.