About Nordic Pine (Scots Pine)

One part of Campus LKR’s path system is called the LKR path (Sections A to F on the map). Along the LKR path, six sections have been planted with the most common species of tree used in the production of the VKR Group’s windows and doors.

A: Nordic Pine (Scots Pine)

[Pinus Sylvestris]

Region of growth: throughout Europe, particularly in Scandinavia and Finland. It is also one of the most important species of tree in Russia.

It has been the most important species of tree in the VKR Group since the production of VELUX roof windows began in 1942 and vertical windows in 1952. Nordic pine or Scots pine thrives in Denmark but does not have the same wood density as the more northerly pine species, from Sweden for example. Nordic pine from Sweden and Finland has been the primary source of timber for windows production, though Nordic pine trees from Russia and Norway have also been used. The Polish VELUX factory, NB Polska, also uses locally grown Nordic pine.

The first section of the LKR Path was originally planted with 70 Nordic pine trees, seven of which were ten years old to mark Lars Kann-Rasmussen’s 70th birthday.